Create a Calculator for your Hubspot landing page

How to add a Calculator form to your Hubspot landing page to capture more leads.

Hubspot is a very helpful software to market, sell and service your customer the right way, all in one place.

Hubspot Marketing Hub let you create powerful landing pages and forms to increase lead generation and run complete inbound marketing campaings.

Adding a Calculator with Hubspot native features is really complicated, you need programming skills and it's not easy to implement.

Calquo is a very good choice to add a Calculator form to your Hubspot landing page, creating a calculator in minutes without any programming skill.

How to add a calculator form to your Hubspot landing page

Step 1: Copy your calculator form code from Calquo

Access your Calquo account and enter the editor of the calculator you want to embed in your website. On the top right you will have a button "Insert in your web".

A popup will open from where you can copy the code to be pasted into your website.

You can also do this same operation from your Calquo dashboard, with the actions button of the calculator.

Step 2: Add a HTML module to your Hubspot landing page and paste the code

Access to your Hubspot Marketing account, and start editing the landing page where you want to add a calculator.
For that you need to open the website/landing page in Edit mode.

When editing the page, just click on "Add a new module" and select </> HTML module. Now edit the HTML module and paste the Calquo code on the input field.

Apply changes and your Calculator form will show right away.

If you want to change the calculator styles and colors, you can edit the stylesheets applied to that specific landing page.

Here is an article explaining how to edit the stylesheets at Hubspot: