Create an interactive calculator on your Weebly site

Add your custom calculator to any Weebly page to capture qualified leads and improve interaction with your users.

Weebly is a website builder, both informational and e-commerce, that brings together a range of online marketing tools to help you get your business off the ground.

It includes SEO, email-marketing tools, forms, and a multitude of professional looking templates.

All this with very economical plans to give your business a perfect digital channel to start with, from 10 euros per month in your PRO plan.

Calquo perfectly complements Weebly so you can make use of our interactive calculators and automatic quote creators, the perfect tool to increase the number and quality of leads you receive from your Weebly website.

How to add an interactive quote calculator to your Weebly site

Step 1: Copy your calculator form code from Calquo

Access your Calquo account and enter the editor of the calculator you want to embed in your website. On the top right you will have a button "Insert in your web".

A popup will open from where you can copy the code to be pasted into your website.

You can also do this same operation from your Calquo dashboard, with the actions button of the calculator.

Step 2: Embed your calculator code in your Weebly website

Inside the Weebly editor, access the page where you want to insert your form with calculator. Add an "Embed Code" block and drag it to your page.

Click on the block you just added and click on "Edit custom HTML". Paste in the "embed code" field the code you copied from your Calquo calculator.

Refresh the page and you will have your calculator working on your Weebly page.