Online Quote Builder for any website

Create a quote builder in minutes for your website to save time and increase the number and quality of your leads.

Easy to use quote builder, no tech skills required

Our quote configurator is very intuitive, so any user regardless of their tech skills can build their calculator in a matter of minutes.

You don't need any coding skills.

Once you have built your calculator, you can easily add it to your website by copying the code and following the instructions provided by our calculator configurator.

Never been so easy to have a custom calculator on your website.

Our powerful configurator will allow you to build a custom calculator in a very simple way, with a large library of fields and functions.

Spend your time on selling, not on quote building

Invest time on what really adds value to your business, and not by preparing quotes. Leave that task to our quote builder.

Send quotes more efficiently in an automated way so your customers receive them immediately and you only have to spend time on the sales process.

Online quote builder provides high quality leads to increase your conversion

Build a quote calculator that provides you with all the necessary knowledge about your potential customer.

Make use of that information through your sales funnel and transform the qualified lead into a paying customer.

Knowing your customer will allow you to drastically increase the conversion rates to sale of your leads.

Build your quote calculator with customizable look & feel and dev friendly

Your designer can easily customize the styles with CSS, or if you don't have a designer you can use the quote builder to customize calculator styles.

If you have coding skills you can make use of our API to get even more out of your calculator.

Online Quote Builder FAQ

Can I save time with an online quote builder?

Online quote builder can save tons of time of administrative and repetitive tasks. You can forget preparing countless quotes with the online instant quote tool you can build.
You only need to translate your business logic to some fields and formulas, as if you would build a quote tool in Excel. Add the fields in the quote builder, add a logic and formulas.
The online quote builder will calculate the quotes based on your formulas and the customer will receive their instant quote, and in exchange you will receive a quality lead to start your commercial or sales process.

What do I need to start using the online quote builder?

Just need to register in Calquo and can start using the online quote builder right away. We got a Free Plan that is perfect to start using the quote builder for your website.
Register, create your instant quote tool with our builder and embed it in your website. That's it.
Start receiving quality leads from day 1, and just upgrade to a pay plan if you exceed the limits of our free plan.
You can check our Help center to get started in the use of the online quote builder. If you have any question or get stuck at some point of the builder, we'll be happy to help you, just reach us by mail.

Can I use the online quote builder to create other type of forms to my website?

Our online quote builder is very good for creating instant quote tools for your website, but that's not the only use case that it can cover.
In addition to quotes you can also create surveys, feedback forms, order forms and almost any kind of forms you can imagine for your website. We want to keep improving our quote builder to a wider range of forms and uses to help a bigger number of businesses, and not only on quote creation.

I have completed my first instant quote tool with the online quote builder, what's next?

If you just created your first quote tool with the builder, the next step is to embed it in your website. You can easily do that copying the code of the calculator in your dashboard and pasting it in the page of your website where you want to show it.
We got a easy setup guide for most used CMS, you can follow it and reach to our Support team if you have any problem.
As soon as the quote tool is installed in your website it will start showing all the fields and calculations you've created on the builder. You'll received the leads in the mailbox of the email you have used to create your account, and can easily send them to your CRM creating a Zapier or Integromat automation, reading from the leads emails.