Online Booking Form Creator

Adding a booking for to your website helps your customers and clients to easily reserve accommodations, travels, hotel rooms, transportation planning and tours or other services.

Create your booking form in minutes

You can start with one of our online booking form templates or start from scratch building your own booking form.
Our builder is really easy to use and you can add your fields and logic to the form in question of minutes and a few clicks.

Add the fields

Name, Surname, Email, Date and whatever information you need for your booking to be placed.

Price calculations

You can easily add a Formula field to calculate the price of the reservation based on the other fields of the form (if it has any stablished rate).

Embed the form to your website

The last step to receive online bookings is to embed the form to your website. Can check any of our guides in the Help section of your Calquo dashboard, but here is the TLDR:
Copy the generated code and paste it into your web :)

Simple way to receive bookings online

You can setup complex booking software or 3rd party booking websites to manage reservations, but if you want an integrated system that you can control 100% and without massive fees, Calquo can be a good way to start with a fully customized form to start receiving reservations as soon as you plug it into your website.

Manage your online bookings

You can manage all the bookings gathered with your form.
Log into your Calquo dashboard and check for the submissions, you can download the list in csv.
For each submission you will receive a email with all the booking data introduced in the online form.

Connect your booking form to other platforms

Online booking form submissions can be connected with other cloud based software tools such as CRMs, Booking software and many others.

Just need to connect the email submissions via Integromat, with a scenario we will provide to gather all the booking info and plug in your 3rd party tool as the last step of the scenario.

Online Booking Form FAQ

Can I get payments directly from the booking form?

We are currently working on that feature, so in the near future you will be able to add a Payment field to your online booking form and get payments from the submissions.
You will need a stripe account in order to get payments.

Can I use the online booking form to register offline bookings?

Sure you do. In many businesses you get a lot of bookings directly from phone or whatsapp, so you can use your online booking form to register the offline bookings and have all the booking data in the same database.