Build a calculator for your website in minutes

With our builder you can create a powerful calculator without a programmer, So easy.

Add the fields you need, choosing them from our catalog

We have a wide variety of types of fields from which you can choose the ones you need to shape your calculator.


Choose one of several values via a drop-down menu.

Free text

It allows you to respond with text or add comments.


Set up the formula to get the final result from the calculator, and display the result on the screen or by email.


Configures buttons with calls to action for the user.

Title and description

In addition to questions, we allow you to create titles or fixed texts to support your calculator.


Enter numeric values with the keyboard.


Divide your calculator form into several steps to make it easier for the user to fill out.

Single choice

Choose one of several possible options (text or images)

Multiple choice

It allows you to choose several answers, either in text mode or supported by images.


It allows users to enter dates, schedule appointments, deliveries and much more.


Choose numerical values from a predefined range of values.


Get the contact email to send you the detailed information or contact for an appointment.

Easily edit the formula that will give the result of your calculator

The formula editor is very similar to the one in Excel, so any user can handle it easily.

Configure the design of the calculator to adapt it to your website

Adapt the font styles and colors to achieve the right look&feel for your website.

Generate qualified leads and convert them to sales

Users tend to give their data only if they receive something in exchange. With the calculator you provide them value and you get a high quality lead that can convert much easily.

Submitted forms

You have all the answers to each of the forms sent.

Advanced Tracking

Trace personalized events and integrate them with tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or your Facebook pixel.

Customize your emails

Customize the response emails to users when they submit the form.

Lead integration

Integration through Zapier and Integromat with more than 1000 tools, which you can use to connect with your sales software

Statistics panel

Track visits, % of forms submitted and check where users fall off the funnel.

Download your leads

Download all the leads in a csv file so you can exploit the information even more.

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