Add a calculator form to Webflow

Create an interactive calculator and add it to the page you want on your Webflow site

Webflow has been one of the latest creators of cloud-based websites to enter the race for a place among so many established giants.

In spite of the few years he has been in the market, he is one of the most popular website creators among the web designers collective, since he offers them very powerful design tools and he resembles in the interaction some of the best known programs in the digital design world.

Calquo provides Webflow with the power of interactive forms, especially with budget calculators, which will allow you to go one step further and connect with your users, making it much more likely that you will receive their leads or even close a sale.

How to add an interactive quote calculator to your website with Webflow

Step 1: Copy your calculator form code from Calquo

Access your Calquo account and enter the editor of the calculator you want to embed in your website. On the top right you will have a button "Insert in your web".

A popup will open from where you can copy the code to be pasted into your website.

You can also do this same operation from your Calquo dashboard, with the actions button of the calculator.

Step 2: Paste your calculator code into your Webflow website

Access your Webflow project, making sure you're editing the page where you want to embed your calculator. If you're not, navigate to it through the "Pages" menu at the top left of the screen.
On the top left click the + (add) button and navigate to Components. Click on "Embed component".

Move the item to the position on the page where you want it to be displayed. When you have it positioned, open the "HTML code editor" and paste the code previously copied in Calquo.

You've got your calculator form working in Webflow!