Add a calculator to your Wix website

Create custom forms with interactive calculators on your Wix website, and add them to any page. Capture qualified leads in minutes.

Wix is the world's most popular cloud-based website builder, second only to Wordpress when it comes to website development technologies.

Over 100 million sites support Wix' track record since 2006.

After the many upgrades and improvements included in Wix, it is now a very versatile website builder and possibly one of the lowest technological entry barriers, as you don't need to have any programming knowledge to create your own website or ecommerce.

Many of Wix' features are pretty basic, but thanks to Calquo's interactive calculators you can add an element to your Wix website that will increase lead capture and encourage user interaction.

Add a budget calculator to your Wix in two easy steps

Step 1: Copy your calculator form code from Calquo

Access your Calquo account and enter the editor of the calculator you want to embed in your website. On the top right you will have a button "Insert in your web".

A popup will open from where you can copy the code to be pasted into your website.

You can also do this same operation from your Calquo dashboard, with the actions button of the calculator.

Step 2: Embed your budget calculator code into your Wix website

Login to your Wix website, make sure you're editing the page where you want to embed your calculator.
Click on "Add">"More" and add an "HTML/iFrame" element.

Click on the "Insert code" button and paste the code you previously copied into Calquo. Click on the "Apply" button and adjust the size of the block to display it as you prefer.

Your form with calculator is working!