Online Event Registration Form

Create a registration form for your website to increase the registrations for your events.

Create event registration forms for your website

Create your event registration forms with a few clicks and embed it into your website. No coding skills needed, you can start from a pre-built template or from scratch. Just need to follow these steps:

Add your fields to the form

Choose the fields to start receiving attendees to your online registration form. You can start from one of our templates to ask for basic info, and add more fields for extra details to customize the experience of your guests.

Customize the design

If you know a bit of CSS can easily customize the look and field of your form in your website. Just give some styles to Calquo classes and you can make your event registration form totally customized and integrated with your website design.

Add the registration form to your website

Adding your event registration form to your website it's as simple as a copy and paste of a small piece of code that will appear in your form editor.

All in one register experience

Forget about using 3rd party tools that ruin the experience of your user, or managing the event registrations in paper.

Now you can have an integrated experience having your registration form in your website, in the landing page of your event. Your users will register right away and you'll have all their data in your Calquo dashboard.

Manage the attendees to your event

As soon as your first event guests register into your form, you'll receive all their info in your mailbox.
You can also check all registered attendees in the Submissions page at your Calquo dashboard.

Export event registrations to csv.

You can export anytime your attendee registration list to csv, and import it in other tool or manage it in your spreedsheets.

Connect with your CRM or other event tools.

If you want an automated connection between your guest list and other tools you may use to manage your event, or your CRM, you can easily setup an Integromat automation to read every guest register and send it to another tool.

Register guests to your event from any website

You can embed your registration form to any website, and start receiving guests to your event no matter the thechnology you're website is using.

No programming skills are needed to create your online event registration form.

Our online quote calculator is compatible with almost any technology.

Webflow event registration form

Easily add your event registration form to your webflow website adding the Calquo code into a </> Embed field.

Squarespace online event form

If your website is built in Squarespace you can also use our register form to gather guests to your event.

Online Event Registration Form FAQ

Can I add payments to my event registration form?

Not at the moment but we got a Payment field in our roadmap, that will let you to receive payments to your Stripe or Paypal account directly from your event registration form.
It will be plug&play, you'll need to configure your Stripe details and you'll start receiving payments.

Can I generate the tickets for my event with your online registration form?

You can do it creating an Integromat scenario with a Google Doc template. It would let you create massive tickets and send them to your guests, but may be a bit difficult to setup.
In the future we will implement a document generation system inside Calquo to let you generate pdf's with a template, and configure who should receive them and when.

Can I connect with MailChimp, SendGrid or other mailing platforms to handle my event registration mails?

There is no direct integration with 3rd party tools, but you can connect them with Integromat Scenarios, reading your guest registrations from your mailbox and sending them to any tool that has Integromat integration.
Can easily send your event registrations that way to MailChimp, SendGrid, EmailOctopus or MailGun.