How to embed a calculator in your website

Embedding a calculator in your website is very easy with Calquo, it takes less than 5 minutes and no coding skills required.

Embedding your web calculator

Embedding a web calculator is a 3 step task, is really simple and anyone can do it, no matter their tech skills. Those are the steps:

Step 1 - Create your calculator

In addition, the budget calculator gives users a sense of transparency that allows you to establish a bond of trust that leads to sales when you use those leads to make your sales processes.

Step 2 - Copy the embedding code

Users have much more interaction with an interactive element than with a static form, so the price quote calculator represents a substantial increase in the engagement of your website.

Step 3 - Paste the embedding code in your website

Having highly qualified leads with all the data you need, allows you to perform a much better sale process when you call or email that potential buyer.

Let us explain the 3 steps with more detail.

Step 1 - Create your calculator

The first step is to create your calculator. In order to do that you can start from scratch or pick one of our available templates.

A good way can be start from a template and customize it to your needs

Once your calculator is finished with all the fields and formula to calculate the result, you're ready to embed it to your website.
Remember to Save the calculator before trying to embed it.

Step 2 - Copy the embedding code

In the Calculator builder you'll find a "<> Add to web" button.
If you click we'll provide the code of your calculator in a popup.

Just copy that code (don't worry if you don't understand that code at all). It will look like this, except for the generated id number.

<div id="calquo" data-calquo-id="0750fcc58f2f48d9b071"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Step 3 - Embed the code in your website

Once you have the Calquo code in your clipboard you can go to your website builder or CMS and paste that code in the page you want it to show.

Depending of the CMS you'll have to do it in one way or another, but embedding your calculator will be very similar.
You'll just need to pick or add a field where you can load HTML code and paste your Calquo code in there.

We made guides for most popular CMS so you can follow them and embed your calculator in your website easily.

Check them here ↓

How to embed a calculator on different  website builders

Here you can find some examples on how to embed a calculator on the most common CMS or website builders.

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