How to automate lead capture to your CRM with Integromat

Send the leads you capture with your Calquo Calculator to your CRM using Integromat

Simple Integromat automation

We are currently working on Zapier and Integromat native integration, until we got that feature you can use a simple integration by capturing Calquo emails and parsing them.

Step 1 - Import our calquo blueprint or add the modules manually

Create a new scenario and import the Calquo blueprint you'll have access with your Starter plan.
This blueprint is prepared for Hubspot CRM, if you use other CRM can simply delete the final module and add the module for your CRM.

Now you need a Integromat paid plan in order to import blueprints, so if you don't have it, you can create the modules from scratch.

Step 2 - Configure each module

Configure the Email steps by adding your email credentials.
Configure email text parse to match your fieldnames.
Configure the CRM module or Google sheet module in order to add the lead with the information captured in the text-parse module.

Step 3 - Test your scenario and activate it

Send a lead with your Calquo form at your website and test your scenario.

If execution runs well you can now activate the scenario and run it with your desired frecuency.

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