Add a quote calculator to your Drupal site

Add forms to calculate custom quotes on any page of your Drupal website

The advantage of Drupal over other CMS is that it provides a series of APIs that make it especially flexible and extensible, allowing very specific developments for every need.

Another strong point of Drupal is that it is very modular, and separates very well the different components of the web.

For example, if we want to add new functionality, it is very easy to do so without having to worry about interfering with other components, which ensures the scalability and future evolution of the project.

Calquo's calculators integrate perfectly into your Drupal content pages, without the need to install or configure a custom module, let alone develop one.

Set your calculators to Calquo and embed them in the contents of your Drupal site.

Easily add a form with your interactive calculator to your Drupal site

Step 1: Copy your calculator form code from Calquo

Access your Calquo account and enter the editor of the calculator you want to embed in your website. On the top right you will have a button "Insert in your web".

A popup will open from where you can copy the code to be pasted into your website.

You can also do this same operation from your Calquo dashboard, with the actions button of the calculator.

Step 2: Add your calculator code to your Drupal site

Log in to the Drupal administration, and in the dashboard go to the "Content" section. Click on "Add content" and choose the type of content.

Once inside the new content, you will have to add the calculator code in a WYSIWYG field (allows HTML). In this field click on Source code and paste the calculator code you previously copied in Calquo.

Ready! You've got your form with calculator working on Drupal.