Online Payment Forms

Add payment forms to your website and start collecting payments from your clients.

One time payments and subscriptions

With Calquo payment forms you'll be able to collect one-time payments and subscriptions with our seamless payment process integrated with your form.
We integrate with Stripe for the payments.

One-time payments

Add your Payment field, configure your Stripe account and start collecting one-time payments within seconds. You'll receive a Stripe & Calquo email for every submission and will get the funds into the bank account linked to your Stripe.

Recurring payments

Configure a recurring time for your subscriptions in your Payment field, and you'll transform one-time payments into subscriptions.

Build payment forms, no coding skills needed

Our form builder will let you create your payment form with all the required fields for your transaction very easily and without any coding skills required.

Add the fields, drag&drop to change the order and configure your Payment field with your Stripe account details. That's it.
The only code you'll see is the Calquo code you will need to copy&paste into your website to start using your payment form when it's ready.

Get online payments without ecommerce platform

Forget about having to marry to an ecommerce platform or CMS to start collecting payments in your website. You can add a payment form to any website, no matter in which technology it's developed.
You can now validate your ideas or products with a landing page and a payment form in a few minutes, or start getting revenue from your informational websites.

Set up a seamless payment process

Not only it's very easy for you to set up your payment process. It will be a very smooth experience to your users, since they can make secure payments directly from your website, without getting redirected to a 3rd party payment gateway.

Stripe lets us integrate the payment experience into your website.

Payment Forms FAQ

Can I only receive online payments if I use Stripe?

Stripe is currently our only payment provider for now. We been using and recommending Stripe to all our clients for a few years now. They provide an awesome UX, generate invoices for every payment and it's a certified PCI Level 1 provider.
In the future we may add other payment providers as Paypal, but we got other features in our roadmap before that one.

Who stores the payment data from the submitted forms?

Calquo does not store any credit card data from your customers. We store the rest of the fields from your form, but the Payment data is sent and stored directly in Stripe.

Do I need to pay any fee for the purchases made with my payment form?

You'll just need to pay the regular Stripe fee, we do not charge any extra free for the transactions made with your Calquo Payment Form.
You can check Stripe fees here: