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Price Quote Calculator FAQ

How can a price quote calculator help me improve conversion?

Adding a price quote calculator to your website improves conversion from day one, because users are really tired of sending contact forms that never get responded, or getting commercial sales calls when they leave their contact data, instead of receiving the info they're requestions.
With a quote calculator users know they're going to get instant feedback of the price a certain service or product is going to cost, so they don't hesitate to leave all their data in order to get that info.
After receiving this quality lead you can much easily adapt your generic offer to their custom needs, so conversion will increase significantly.

How much can increase the lead generation with a price quote calculator?

We got some case studies that increased their lead generation by more than 600%.
For example, a renovation services company on a mid sized town was receiving 10 leads per month with their regular contact form (and tons of spam). After adding a price quote calculator to their website they are receiving 60-80 leads per month.
Not only that, they got the exact data of the renovation needs and they can adapt their message and start advicing from the first call they got with the customer.

Can a price quote calculator help increasing my bussiness productivity?

Big time! Especially for your commercial team, or your own time if if you are a small business or a solo entrepreneur. Just imagine the amount of time you are wasting on creating price quotes manually, when 90% of time you know they're not going grab your services or goods.
With an online price quote calculator in your website you can save all that time, giving the customer the price instantly instead of waiting for days for your quote.
It's a win-win situation, they get a quote instantly and you save the time of creating the quote. Then you got all the leads information and can spend the time on the interesting leads, focusing on the important instead of spending your time in unproductive tasks.

How does the price quote calculator work?

First you have to create your price quote calculator. We tried to make our builder very easy for every kind of user, so you just have to set-up the fields you need for the calculations and the formula to calculate the final quote.
If you can create a quote calculator in Excel or Google spreadsheet, you can create it in Calquo, even easier :)
Click on the fields, set a title and the options, and drag&drop if you want to change the order, that simple. Add a formula field with your calculations and you're ready to embed the price quote calculator in your website, by just copying&paste an auto-generated code.
In the quote calculator you can ask for all the personal info you need to process the lead, and you'll receive all the info from the quotation to your mail inbox. You can improve and polish it as many times as needed, and your website price quote calculator will be automaticly updated whenever you save your calculator in Calquo.
After a few iterations of your calculator you can have a polished lead generation machine and save lots of time on generating price quotes for your potential customers.

Can I add the price quote calculator to my Webflow or Squarespace site?

Add a price quote calculator to Webflow Add a price quote calculator to Wordpress Add a price quote calculator to Squarespace Add a price quote calculator to Drupal Add a price quote calculator to Wix Add a price quote calculator to Weebly