Add a calculator form to your Squarespace website

Create a quote calculator and embed it easily into your Squarespace.

Take the forms to a next level on your Squarespace

Default Squarespace native forms are nice and easy to use, but with Calquo you can build your custom calculator or quote builder and embed it to your site just by copy&paste our code.

No coding skills required at all.

Boost your lead generation on Squarespace

The engagement that our price quote calculator brings for Squarespace websites allows you to boost the number of leads you can generate.

Users send their lead much easier with our quote builder than with static Squarespace contact forms.

Is Squarespace a good choice for your website?

Squarespace is a very good choice to build your website if you don’t have technical knowledge but want a website with professional design looking.

Squarespace can fit very well for informative websites, with not many levels of information, and you don’t want to manage the security or system updates by yourself.

If you choose Squarespace Calquo will be a good complement since we will provide interactive forms with calculations to your website.

Squarespace key points

  • You don’t need coding skills.
  • Has a lot of professional designed templates to choose from.
  • Don’t need to bother with system updates or security issues.
  • You can easily have a blog in your informative website.
  • Has regular native forms and opt-in forms with downloable files.
  • Very good pricing, starting at 11€ per month
  • SEO friendly tools to help you tailor your contents to enhance SEO performance.
  • You can upgrade it to e-commerce if you ever have the need of it.
  • Provides simple analytics to keep track of your website performance.

How to embed your calculator form to Squarespace once is ready

Embedding your interactive form or calculator to your Squarespace is very simple.

Just go to your Calquo form and click on the “Embed in my website” button and follow the instructions:

  • Copy the code we will provide in the popup.
  • Go to your squarespace site and access the page editor of the page where you want the form or calculator to be shown.
  • Go to the section where you want to embed your calculator or form and click on the black “drop”, then add a “Content Block”, selecting the “Code” content block.
  • Paste into the content block the code you copied before in Calquo.
  • Replace the existing code, making sure you set the language to HTML and leave unchecked the “Display Source” checkbox.