Boost your lead generation and sell more on Wordpress

Adding our interactive quote calculator forms to your Wordpress to provide instant quotes to your prospects.

Quote calculator form for Wordpress

If you want to add a quote calculator form in your Wordpress website, Calquo offers the easiest solution, with the most enhanced user experience to let you create your custom quote calculator within minutes.

Our powerful calculator form builder lets you create a custom calculator with a high level of flexibility and without any coding skills required.

Product configurator into your Wordpress

You can also use Calquo to customize a product configurator form to add it to any page of your Wordpress, providing a interactive form to your users where they can personalize their products and get quotes of the customize items.

How to embed the quote calculator in your Wordpress website

Easily embed your Calquo quote calculator in your website using our plugin. Follow those simple steps:

  • Log into your Wordpress admin account and go to plugins, then click “Add new” button.
  • Search for “Calquo” plugin, then install and activate it.
  • Insert Calquo shortcode [calquo id=”asdasdasd”] into the page you want to embed your calculator:

There you go! Your users can start interacting with your calculator form and send you their leads right away :)

Why should I choose Wordpress for my website

Just saying Wordpress is the most used CMS around the world could be a strong reason to choose it, but we’ll give a few more:

Easy to use.

Wordpress has a fast learning curve, is easily customizable and administrable from their admin panel.

Free and open source.

You won’t have to pay for the CMS, but we recommend hiring a designer/developer combo for a professional usage of your Wordpress.

Variety of plugins.

You have plugins for almost every specific need you can have in your website, and most of them have some kind of free plan.

Any cons?

Well, if you want a secure and optimized Wordpress website you’ll have to deal with wordpress and plugin updates, or pay a company to deal with it.